426011_361325743902413_151757393_nIn 2009, Veterans Jon Benedict, Janet Stockton-Taylor, and Jerry Bailey were long term supporters of our community’s charitable events. However we had yet to make real a personal goal of ours – to combine our love of running with our desire to support Veterans in need.

On June 3, 2009, after many years of talk, armed with a strong dose of naiveté and many years of volunteering for other races, we committed ourselves to the cause. The dream of having a race on the 4th of July weekend to support veterans was going to be a reality. 31 days later, on July 4th, 2009, Run for Veterans was born. The first year all proceeds went to support transportation costs for veterans attending the National Veterans Wheelchair Games – the largest wheelchair event of its kind in the world.

Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki has made ending homelessness for Veterans his number one priority. So in 2010, with our inaugural run under our belt, emboldened by Shinseki’s determination, and our commitment to our community, we were inspired to take our charity run in a whole new direction – a partnership with the homeless Veterans program at 7hills homeless center. We’re proud to be making a local impact on a national program.

In 2016, the original race directors handed off the baton to a team of 4 previous and current employees of 7hills Homeless Center. Solomon, Katherine, Tiffany, and Colleen are getting their sea legs under them this year to bring you Run for Vets 2016. Our thanks to all the volunteers, sponsors, and runners who make this race possible.